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A Nearby Escape From Your Worries Life comes at you fast, and in today’s world it comes faster than ever. We promise you that the moment you walk through our doors we’ll do everything we can to slow it all down and give you Peace Of Mind. Whether you want to find out what your new baby's gender is and hear his or her heartbeat, or enjoy a skin-replenishing Pregnancy Safe Facial,  we want to Reassure You you’ll be made to feel comfortable by our exceptional technicians. Come relax and bond with family and your new baby. You’ve earned this!


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We Will Help You To Fall In Love With Your New Baby And Yourself Again

Gender Verification 

Gender Verification. For babies at 13+ weeks and 99.99% accurate.
Gender verification can be performed in Basic 2D black and white, or 3D Color and amazing 4D video.

Basic 2D Black & White $79.00
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 Heart Beat Check

Are you wanting to see and hear your upcoming baby's heartbeat and see the position inside the uterus? Then Vegas Baby's Heart Beat Check is perfect for you. Performed in 2D black and white with printed photos. Other packages available.
Basic Heartbeat Check $49.00
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3D-4D Color Ultrasounds 

Our Live Color Ultrasounds are available in several different 3D and 4D packages. They include "The Quick Look"
"The Sneak Peak"
"Face to Face"
Vegas Baby Experience "The Full House

Basic Live Color Ultrasounds

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Facial Treatments 

During pregnancy, your beautiful body goes through all sorts of changes including your skin, too!  Come relax at Vegas Baby and enjoy 50 minutes of blissful relaxation while doing something good for your skin.
Organic Custom Blended Pregnancy Safe Facial $70.00
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Get Your Baby's Heartbeat Checked Only $25!



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Because It’s Our Customers That Matter Most.

Dara B 

We had Courtney as our tech and she was amazing! Very patient and kind! We had to bring our 2 year old who wasn't I'm the best mood and she interacted perfwctly with him. definitely recommend this place


Mae U

What an incredible experience!! Courtney was amazing!! We had a wonderful time, we were made to feel very comfortable, and the baby was very cooperative!! Thank you so much for letting us see our little peanut!!

Schedule Your Baby's 
Heartbeat Check For Just $25!

One per client. New clients only.


Early Gestation 

Early Gestation is often the best way to begin the bonding experience with family and your new baby.

Many of our clients love to come in early and take advantage of one of our "Early Gestation Packages" For baby's 6 weeks and up. Check on baby's position in the uterus, listen to your baby's heartbeat and measure heartbeat rate.   

Other packages also include knowing how many weeks you are into your pregnancy and estimated baby's due date.

Gender Verification

Many of our clients love to continue their bonding experience with family and baby by coming back in weeks 13 and up to learn what the gender is of your new upcoming baby.

With a 99.9 % accuracy rate we can tell you your baby's  gender at appointment time OR seal it up as a surprise for you to take home and share it with family and loved ones.  Our packages come in "2D Basic or 3D/4D Special Color 

Schedule Your Gender Verification: (702) 461-3104
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The 4-D Experience

Allows you and your family to continue bonding with family and your new upcoming baby. You'll be astounded by our cutting edge GE Volusion Ultrasound System, the leader in 4D Technology.

The best time for an elective ultrasound is in the second and third trimesters, each offering new and exciting details that will astonish you and your family.

Many of our clients like to start early and come back later in their pregnancy to see the extraordinary developments as their baby grows.

Schedule Your 4-D Ultrasound: (702) 461-3104

Pregnancy Safe Facial

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, prepping for a wedding or planning an afternoon escape from the kids, we can help!

A pregnancy safe facial is a perfect way to de-stress and cleanse your skin in a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere.

If you’re planning  to book and ultrasound session, just contact us. We’d be thrilled to help you relax and de-stress with  a  Pregnancy Safe Facial that you’ll talk about for years to come!

Case Study: Kicking Off A Healthier Lifestyle

Deborah had never really been a spa person.

But then her husband won an exfoliating body wrap treatment at a local spa. She was sceptical but she did notice that his skin seemed smoother and tighter after, so she decided to try it for herself.

She expected to be intimidated but the calming atmosphere, music and aromas put her immediately at ease. The wrap itself was an invigorating, cleansing and relaxing experience.

Even a month later, she could still feel a noticeable tightening of her skin and overall sensation of wellness.

Her therapist recommended she drink a lot of water and eat a healthier diet for a few days. Not only did she do as instructed, she felt so inspired that she changed her diet permanently. And now she visits the spa monthly for a treatment wellness treatments that keep her looking and feeling great.

Get Your Baby's Heartbeat Checked Only $25!



Some Common Myths About Ultrasounds During Pregnancy

“Ultrasounds use radiation.”

This is absolutely not true. Ultrasounds use harmless high-frequency sound waves that reflect to give a graphic description of the body's internal structures. Radiations are used in X-Rays and CT-Scans.

“Ultrasounds are bad for the baby.”

Not one bit. On the contrary, an ultrasound is a great opportunity through which we can have a peak at the new unborn baby. In a recent review by the WHO "according to the available evidence, exposure to diagnostic ultrasonography during pregnancy appears to be safe."

“Ultrasounds are harmful if done too frquently. ”

This Ultrasounds are totally safe done whenever, however, and any number of times and for any indication. In high risc situations, frequent monitoring is needed to get optimum results. As fun as it may be, you don't need an ultrasound every week, and requesting unnecessary medical procedures is not a good practice for anyone.

Who We Are:

Your 3D/4D Baby Ultrasound And Wellness Experts in Las Vegas

We are your #1 destination to see an anamazing view into your new baby's world. We’ve been providing the Las Vegas community with the highest quality 3D & Live 4D Ultrasound, and Skin Care for 14 years.

A trip to the Ultrasound & Spa Center should be simple, affordable and enjoyable. We believe the benefits of 3D / 4D Ultrasound, and pregnancy safe skin care should be available to every new expecting mom. That’s why we offer superior Ultrasound & Spa services that make you feel like royalty, while keeping our prices as affordable as possible.

At our Ultrasound & Spa Center, you’ll find a talented and passionate team of sonographers prepared to take you on a journey of spiritual and physical renewal. Whether you’re with us to bond with your new baby and family, or a pregnancy safe facial treatent, our goal is to help you relax, de-stress & bond with family and baby so you can recover from the rigors of your daily life.

You work hard and you deserve this. Come let us make your week a whole lot better!

Meet Our Awesome Team:

Passionate Patient and Friendly Prenatal Ultrasound Technicians!

Brandy L. 

Prenatal Ultrasound Technician! 

Brandy has lived in the Las Vegas Valley most of her life and has been performing prenatal Ultrasounds since 2005. Brandy specializes in early gender determination and will be happy to show you your little one and guide you through a womb tour!


Prenatal Ultrasound Technician!
Hannah is our newest addition to our team. She is currently studying for her business degree at UNLV. Hannah's sweet, patient and bubbly nature makes her a lovely choice for sharing the very special moments of seeing your baby via ultrasound!  

Hear What Our Clients Like You Are Saying About Us:

Tenaj B.

 Vegas Baby has always been good to us. I highly recommend this place to any expecting mom who wants to check on their baby without the hassle of going to the OBGYN.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 4D Ultrasound Safe?
Ultrasound has been used sinse the 1950's. To date, there have been no documented side effects of Ultrasound Imaging. In fact doctors of High Risk Pregnancy patients tend to perform more frequent ultrasounds in order to keep an eye on the developing fetus however, it is your choice to have an Ultrasound and we always suggest you speak with your Doctor first.

How Soon Can We Find Out The Gender Of Our Baby?
We can tell you your baby's gender as early as 13 weeks and we proudly hold a 99.9% accuracy rate! But do to various circumstance, sometimes baby does not cooperate to show his or her gender during the appointment. If this does occur, we do include a 2nd visit Free of charge to be used in a week or two, to try again. Our Professional Techs are highly experienced and pride themselves on accuracy.

How Do I Prepair Myself  Fo Ultrasound?

Week 4-11: Please try to arrive to your appointment with a Semi Full Bladder.  Week 12-40: Every day of the week prior to your visit drink 10 to 12, 8oz glasses of water. The day of your appointment drink water through the day. We suggest a sugary drink, if you don't have sugar issues, 15 to 20 minutes prior to your appointment with us. Both of these are highly recommended techniques on getting the most from your Ultrasound. *You do not need a full bladder.

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